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LinZ Creations
LinZ Creations

I’ve gotten back into reading actual books

Now I will proceed to talk a while about choices in books and or series. Read if you’d like to understand me a bit more…? I don’t know if it really help or not…. your choice.

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Going into the shop tomorrow. I think it’ll be pretty good for me haven’t spent much time at it lately and I feel it’ll be much better than last weeks happening because I can now my over all hearing is about to 85~90%or so, big difference from last week that’s for sure.  I’m at the tail end of whatever I’ve had for the past 2 weeks so that’s really nice.  

Been a lazy bumb for the past 2 weeks but I just can’t think of anything or feeling like do very much craft wise.

I’ve got a ticket to go see the play Wicked  late Easter Sunday. I look forward to that and the day after……CLEARANCE EASTER CANDY~~~~!! Huzzah! I need more Reese’s, enough to make it till Halloween, and more goodies to give out during cons. Also the play will help stir up some ideas I think! Something fresh for spring~! ^u^





fav person of the day

because actually helping people with cosplay emergencies!

literally the most important man at supanova this year

he gave me double sided tape

what a good human being

petition to have a designated Captain Patch-It at all cons from now on.

Every con needs a squad of these guys.

I do this at all cons I go to. I may not be as prepared yet as him but I can do a heck of a lot with a needle, thread, and super glue.

 I’m Nurse Stitches and I need to make an actual dang uniform.  Next side project I will be looking into and doc coat when next I am at Good Will.

or I’ll end up reading fanfiction until I can cocoon myself in my room for the day…. yeah, that’s probably will be what happens. 

…well that and play on my 3ds.

I don’t know.

I’m congested and lazy and a horrible procrastinator.

That and some of my best work is at night. It’s just who I am.

I’m so done with being flipping congested! It’s been over a week! All it’s doing is pissing me off more! D:<  

I finally got around to creating something in the of being drawn up at like 1 in the morning and it’s pretty original but the head design is kind of weird  so I’m going to take it into the clay sculpt program thing and  pat out all the little details. 

this’ll probably end up with me taking out my tablet to use. may end up with possibly more original character designs. Some that may be more possible to plushy  than this one.

I know I’ve got 2 head patterns made that I haven’t used. I may end up actually doing something with that. Every good head design  deserves a body after all. :P poor things have been body less for so long

Recovering slowly but surly = u = I plan to doodle tomorrow

Coughing every so often but far less frequently, throat doesn’t hurt either, huzzah!  A little congested at the moment but I’m simply waiting for the mucinex to kick in. I can already tell my ears are getting better. My silent, painless, but very sick ear now actually does that popping thing when I gulp, when the doc checked it was an  ‘8’ of 10 on the scale of ‘that’s not good’. I’d say it’s at out maybe a 6 now, the other one was a 3 and it’s at maybe 2.5.  I’ve got my electric tea kettle going as a air humidifier (to troubled to go find one) , it’s quite efficient. yay for multi purpose!

been working on my  little animal crossing town. (Pancetti moved out a few day back by the way got her pic, she left on the 2nd of April)  Just figuring out shrub placement and other nonsense. Also I found a Jacobs latter in my town, I feel so proud of myself.

 On to the topic of doodling, I want to doodle animal crossing again nothing digital tho, just some pencil works. tho I may take them into firealpaca later.

It’s my sick-day gaming making want to. Cookie loves to pop into my house randomly almost daily, she’s such a sweetheart. She gave me the nickname ‘Sweet-L’ . = w =



Hey plushie people with embroidery machines, maybe this is something you’d find useful.

This needs to be funded immediately.
I’ve been paying $100 a year for a program that crashes constantly, has no customer support, and that I’ve had to reinstall twice because it says “I’m not authorized to use the program” even though I most definitely am.

I’m funding this because it seems like something that would help quite a lot of people out, including myself. Everyone deserves to be able to embroider what ever they want after they pay hundreds (or even thousands) for an embroidery machine.


So I didn’t sleep well at all last night. ear ringing and coughing up a storm hourly. Got into see a doc.  ear infection. just lovely. the head cold is pretty much over with, or I hope at least. I’ve got antibiotics and should be so much better by Monday. 

I’m feeling a lot better.

I also now have beef jerky, this makes everything better.

okay so I’ve been pretty much trying to hack up a lung because my dam nose has congested all to hell. and I’ve got my hear in my left ear is down say 20%. (it’ sad when the animal crossing background music, and pretty much everything, sound off key.) They say it’s best to keep the head elevated when sleeping so I’m going to grab my sisters pillow chair thing. H-…. and mum say  to rub Vic’s in to the souls of the feet for absorption…. I was just going to do the chest but okay. wonder how that idea came about. :\

anywho, night. I’ll give a progress pic in the morning. I did infact get something worked on this… week …. so…. see ya at like noon…. or something…

It’s late. sleep needed. night.


For the most part I’m okay now after falling asleep at 9 and sleeping till 1. Still a little uneasy but almost completely good. Luckily for me plush work is light work, so is draw, so expect pictures as soon as I actually get to it! ^u^  Going to work on my town a little tho, my brother will he home soon. :P

He’s not feeling the best, a migraine and 3 hour of sleep. Kid watching duty for me. =n=